Human Presence in Tunisia



2.4Ma The Oldest Human Occupations in North Africa
Middle Pleistocene Acheulean culture, main site in Tunisia : Sidi Zin next to El Kef (archaeological collection stored at the Bardo Museum)
From 100 000 to 40 000 BP The MSA/Aterian culture of El Akarit (Gabes-Southern Tunisia)
From 90 000 to 70 000 BP Aterian culture from Nafta (Tozeur-Southern Tunisia)
From 17 000 to 14 000 BP Iberomaurusian culture of Bir Oum Ali (Kebili, Southern Tunisia)
From 10 000 to 7000 cal BP Capsian culture, with two subdivisions : Typical Capsian and Upper Capsian, the main sites are : El Mekta (Gafsa), Bortal Fakher (Gafsa), Bir Khanfous (Gafsa) , Redeyef (Gafsa), Ain Métherchem (Kasserine), SHM-1 (Sousse)
Between 6000 and 5000 BP Neolithic culture, for example Doukanet el Khoutifa (Siliana, Northern Tunisia), Kef El Agab (Jendouba) , Djebba (Béja), Redeyef (Gafsa)